Move to New Domain Completed

Today I have completed the move to the new domain by disabling bug trackers, forums and mailing lists on Sourceforge.

Bug and feature requests tracking are now fully handled by Trac.

Discussions may take place using the mailing lists only. This was choose over the web forums for practical reasons: there is no need to periodically check if there are new messages since all posts are delivered directly to your e-mail, and you can also choose to receive a daily digest instead of all single mails.

All users subscribed to the mailing lists on Sourceforge are already subscribed to the new mailing lists. Unfortunately I can't move the messages.

See: MailingList, Tickets


  • Posted: 2008-12-11 00:56
  • Author: maccaf
  • Categories: news


1. biggestmouse -- 2009-06-24 04:21


sorry, I'm a new user and I was just trying to start using this tool, then I'd like to help you in testing...I'm only wondering if it's available a documentation of this tool, I'd like to start looking at the documentation in order to first use the basic functionalities, like add a title in the tool and check daily the value, in a daily the moment I'm not able to do this and I'l d like to check documentation to know why...

Thanks and regards Mike